Quality Policy

The BST Group and all employees are aware of the importance of quality products and services to our customers success in support of our vision Innovative Chemicals for Value Growth. The ISO9001 quality management system is implemented to manage and continually improve our performance, and all employees abide by the following policy.

BST Group is committed to satisfy customers with quality products and services from Mixed C4 Derivatives, Synthetic Rubber and Latex, and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

The quality objective framework is to satisfy customers with quality products and services, continuous improvement of the quality management system, including but not limited to meeting product requirements and product statutory and regulatory requirements.

Safety Health and Environment Principles

  1. All Incidents can be prevented.
  2. Prevention of harm is good business.
  3. Management is accountable for preventing harm.
  4. Stakeholder involvement and commitment to prevent harm are essential.
  5. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  6. Training Employees and Contractors to work safely and no environment impact is a must.
  7. All operating exposure risks can be made safe and less environmental impact.
  8. S.H.E. Observation Tours and Experience Sharing are a must.
  9. We will promote Off-the-Job Safety.

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