BST Group Vision


BST Group Safety Health and Environment Vision

The Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Vision of the BST Group is:

is a commitment that We each make and continuously model with no compromise in everything we do.

We listen and communicate to understand why and how to reduce the risk of harm and make decisions that provide clear direction, and we have processes to develop reliable systems and competent personnel.

We each demonstrate personal leadership and use our competence to create a sustainable interdependent safety, health, and environmental culture to achieve continuous improvement.

This is a commonly held Vision for every employee in the BST Group. The following are examples of Harm:

  • Injuries or Fatalities
  • Unplanned Chemical Releases
  • Occupational Illnesses
  • Unplanned Energy Releases
  • Theft, Property Damage, or Act of Workplace Violence
  • Negative Impact to Stakeholders or the Environment
  • Inefficient or wasteful use of energy and natural resources
  • Unplanned pollution release

The Stakeholders of the BST Group represent the Anyone in our Vision, and benefit from our pursuit it. They have input and involvement, formally and informally, in our S.H.E. System are:

  • Employees and Contractors
  • Customers and Visitors
  • Shareholders (Owners)
  • Our Community and Neighboring Plants
  • Local and National Government(s)

    The BST Group requires permission to operate from this group of Stakeholders, both formally and informally depending upon the Stakeholder, and our overall S.H.E. performance Objective is to meet or exceed the expectations of these stakeholders to maintain this permission.

 "Anytime" literally means at any time, regardless of day or night, and regardless of what kind of work is being done.

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